Strategy Examples to give sense to your campaigns


Marketing is a really weird world since there are a lot of niches, consider also the psychology of the people/masses, trending topics and different ways to feed information to individuals.

A good example to make a content with strategy is like when parents try to give medicine to a baby/kid, they have to generate different ideas and apply them telling him or acting. You can offer a candy in return to take the medicine, or maybe you can distract dancing and doing funny stuff. But at the end, they take the medicine.

Use your startegy wisely so you can convert giving away the medicine, that in other words is the objective for conversions.


Internet Marketing is somehow a little bit different from the traditional marketing. Mainly that you can track clicks, conversions, affiliate links and more indicators that will give you pretty cool insights on how your campaign is doing.

Conversions can take different forms:

  • Fill a Form.
  • Register a Website
  • Make a purchase
  • Opt-in a Mailing List.
  • Make a call (Google maps can give you pretty cool indicators).

Now conversions need to be followed up to give sense. Maybe you get a call and schedule an appointment and you need to remember that customer so you get to do that appointment. Or if they dont go, make a follow up call. That is why there exist another field of study called Client Relationship Management ( CRM ). There are tons of software to handle this, for example Hubspot will give pretty good follow up for Social Media Agencies.

Handling your possible and your current customers is the best you can do to get more from your investment in Marketing. It wont matter you have the best marketing if your customers give very bad reviews about customer service. That will affect your Reputation Online.

What if your reputation is somehow bad online?

There is a new field called Online Reputation Management, and on strategy, that means pulling down bad articles, videos or reviews with good ones. That means working hard to make amendments and report them online in many different ways, for example, new blog posts, reviews, videos on youtube with specific keywords to put down on results. Or maybe generate a campaign to report, or contact the channel owner and ask nicely to take down.

Visual strategy

Trending topics change quickly in our modern society and we have to follow up. Here we will offer you a nice compilation on how brands used the buzz and got into the train of meme so they gain visibility. But first, we need to make clear that there are different strategies to market this visuals.

Ask yourself, What do you want? What is your objective? List them:

  • Sales
  • Increase my brand perception on specific cities, states or even globally.
  • Recurring subscriptions.
  • Consulting hourly.
  • Generate reports, etc.

Now that you know your objective, get into it making a research. You can use What Runs Where, Adbeat or Adgooroo. Spy on your competitors or big brands. Remember, they must have investing high quantity of money and AB testing campaigns. So it has like dozens of tiers of different strategy testing.

We will work on a video showing the best commercial and display ads over the time. Remember to subscribe our newsletter to get this updates and new articles.

AB Testing

Test, compare data and erase those that doesnt work well and leave those that do better, then rework it. Remember, rinse and repeat so you get the most converting campaigns.

There are different kinds of AB Testing in the world:

  • Display Ad AB Testing
    • Compare different graphics, colores, buttons, messages, etc. Then select those that get more engagements and erase those that dont. Rework or Rinse & Repeat. Think about new ideas based on the ad that worked the best.
  • Landing / Squeeze / Funnels AB Testing
    • Changing different components on the page can generate different behaviours on the visitors.
  • SEM Copywriting AB Testing.
    • Same, just that writing requires more skills, you can Spy on and get ads ideas from competitors then AB test them.
  • Newsletter AB Testing
    • This is for experimenting different emails to watch which of those generate more clicks to offer.


So with this information you have a more wide view of what is needed to properly design and test a campaign with Strategy.

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