How to start your Affiliate Marketing journey!


Many people that get into Internet Marketing usually get frustrated and overwhelmed with so many information and not clear paths to follow over the web.

We will try to make things clear first, you need to have passion, not only want to earn money in days. This is a somehow a long term investment.

The Niche…

You need to focus on which niche have a passion for, so you feel confident that you can dominate that arena and create awesome content, guides, freebies, etc.

A niche can be something like health, dog training, dating tips, golf, food, travel, etc. You need to feel a passion for the topic and locate a niche to start with.

Then we will resume steps to take on the Affiliate Marketing:

  1. Do a Keyword research on Google SkTools.
  2. Get a domain with good keywords and hosting.
  3. Install WordPress, start writing.
  4. Create MailChimp account so you can Opt-in contacts.
  5. Create social networks so you share your links.
  6. Not only share links, find relevant content using tools like reddit, stumbleupon, pinterest and more.
    1. Post Images, Videos, and more.
  7. Be consistent, dont lose the fire and try hard to create unique content or maybe research unique content and rewrite on your words.
  8. Create a freebie they cant refuse so you start getting opt-in.
  9. Make weekly email, generate trust and a relationship with your newsletter audience. Use 80% good content and 20% promote.
  10. Sign up into affiliate networks and find relevant products to your niche.
  11. Start creating content based on those products so you can promote, you can also add affiliate products ads using Revive Adserver.

So how does the Affiliate Marketing works?

Money will flow the more you grow your Email Marketing opt-in users and start discarding people that dont click so you can clear and get more quality.

Focus on generating a really nice relationship with that audience, focus on increasing the open rate, thats where you need The Strategy.

For being our first article, we have resumed a method that many great Affiliate Marketers are doing big figures every month. So if they can make income, you can do it too.

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